Welcome and greetings to my shop!


Given that my philosophy is that people are culture, it’s probably not a surprise that I take great joy in how we humans manifest and share ourselves in our day-to-day lives.

Our clothes, our homes, and our gardens are three of the realms where many of us live and breathe our individual expression of our culture.

And of course travel is the primary portal for many of us to expand our cultural awareness and adopt new ideas and practices that resonate with us.

One of the joys of experiencing a culture is being able to connect with its essence and artistry. It’s exhilarating to encounter a fresh idea, approach, pattern, medium, or technique, and intuitively embrace it.

I am delighted to share with you some of the companies and wares that inspire me. Enjoy perusing!


As much as I love to travel, my home is my sanctuary. As someone who is very visually-oriented and values the historic and cultural meaning of things, I am drawn to pieces with vibrant hues and equally colorful stories. I also appreciate my creature comforts, and so I have a soft spot for materials that are cozy and nurturing.


Given that I am ususally on-the-go, I seek clothing that is comfortable and low-manitenance. And if I had to pick one dimension of culture that I am most passionate about, its textiles and the traditional dress of different cultures, which make such powerful statements about design and identity. 


When it comes to connecting with people and their culture, travel and entertainment are two of the most visceral experiences we can have. Immersing myself in someone else’s way of life and world view is joyful, exciting, illuminating, and deeply meaningful. I’m always drawn to places and performances that express heritage and traditions.